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Welcome to AssociateDegrees.Us! This site has been designed to help you through all steps of a process associated with deciding to enroll in an associate degree program. From first deciding to get an associate degree to selecting the school for a particular program this site should prove helpful. Get started by clicking on a tab above, or category below!

Learn About Degrees
Start learning about the most common associate degrees in the United States currently awarded. Find out what each degree specifically studies, the typical classes and whether practicums and internships are often pursued within a program. Look at the average pay and projected growth for common employment opportunities with the associate degree. Go
Find the Right School
Browse every school in a U.S. state within the Federal IPEDS database that awarded a degree in a chosen field. Sort and compare these schools by the average cost of tuition, graduation rates, financial aid rates and even whether the school offers four year programs.Go
How to Choose
Check out our helpful articles that can help you make the decision of whether to get an associate degree or not. Learn the difference between an AA, AS and AAS degree and finally understand what accreditation really means. Look at how much an associate degree is worth in today's economy and learn about how to receieve finanial aid for an associate degree.Go
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